Christmas with the Guild

Christmas is Coming!

It is time to Celebrate with Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild.

We will be hosting our annual Christmas gatherings again this year.  Join us for some snacks, sweets and friendly faces .  We may also knit and crochet, too.

– December 12 at Whole Foods Wednesday’s at 6:30

Saturday Stitchers-

Instead of having a little get-together with food to celebrate the holidays, how about a swap meet instead? We all have the knitting/crochet items that we a) discovered that we hate working with, b) have never made anything from, or c) wondered “Why did I buy this?”Since one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, this will be a great opportunity to re-home some of those items.

The rules are very, very simple:

1) Bring 1-4 items (multiple skeins of yarn of the same color/dye lot will count as one item) that you no longer want/need.
2) Display items on the table prepared for them.
3) Everybody goes to the table and chooses ONE item.
4) After everybody chosen their item, then you’re free to take whatever else you fancy.
5) If there are any items left over, they will be donated

How does December 15 sound for the swap meet? We’ll be meeting at the Willa Cather Library from 1-4 PM (as usual).

Happy Holidays!!

Fridays at Think Whole Person Healthcare – Join us for some Tea and Treats on Friday, December 14 from 1-4 for some treats as we finish our Christmas handwork.


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2 comments on “Christmas with the Guild
  1. Rael Sheldon says:

    Meeting wednesday the 26th?

    • Jeanne Cunningham says:

      I expect some people will be at Whole Foods. I’d post to Facebook on Wednesday and see who’s game.