Board of Directors Election and Call for Committee Volunteers

2017 Board of Directors Election Results

Thanks To The Departing Board

Thank you so much to the departing Board of Directors for all the work they did for the NKCG this year! They accomplished a lot like: scheduling a variety of classes for members, getting the NKCG legal status as a 501c3 non-profit, planning a new retreat in March and then planning a successful annual retreat in September, designing a new website with online reservations for classes & the retreats, selecting charities and collecting/delivering donations from all members, and much, much more! Without the volunteer Board and all the committee volunteers, the NKCG wouldn’t exist! So, thanks for your year of service.

2016 Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: Carol Stanley
VICE PRESIDENT: Sheila Dreiger
TREASURER: Sandee Mehojah

Welcome to the 2017 Board

Welcome to the new 2017 volunteer Board of Directors. Starting in January, the new board will take over the reigns and work to make 2017 an even better year for the NKCG. If you’ve got ideas you’d like to see us implement or suggestions for making the guild better, please let the new board know.

2017 Board of Directors

PRESIDENT: Karen Bednarz
VICE PRESIDENT: Jeanne Cunningham
TREASURER: Sarah Shackelford

To get a headstart on the new year, the Board is now looking for committee volunteers for 2017. The NKCG committees which need volunteers are:

  • Events (5 people plus a chair person): responsible for thinking of ideas for events & trips for the guild to participate in and planning the details. Examples from previous years are trips to the yarn shops in Lincoln, Paint Your Own Yarn Bowl, and trips to fiber shows.
  • Charity (3 people): responsible for deciding which charities the guild will support in 2017, making contact with the charities to find out what kinds of items they need, communicating the charity info to the guild secretary, collecting the donated items for the charity, and getting the donations to the charity.
  • Saturday Group: a new committee we’d like to form which can communicate with the board about the Saturday group and make sure their views & interests are represented in classes and in the guild decisions.

If you’d be interested in helping, please reach out to a new board member or contact us.

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2 comments on “Board of Directors Election and Call for Committee Volunteers
  1. Maralee Sobotka says:

    I recently moved my mom to assisted living. She has a Lot of knitting needles and A few crochet hooks. I’d be happy to donate them if they would be of use to you. Let me know a mailing address if you are interested and I’ll send out.

    • Karen Bednarz says:

      Thank you for this kind and generous offer. Our mailing address is
      I/c K Bednarz
      P O Box 4913
      Omaha Ne 68104

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