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New for 2018

Hats for Harrison Elementary School

We are collecting winter hats for Harrison Elementary School here in Omaha.  We have been asked to collect hats and other warm garments for the children and their families that are new to the United States.  The school colors are orange and blue, and we need lots of unisex hats for elementary aged children.  We will collect these items throughout the summer at our meet-ups and events.  That have asked for a minimum of 40 hats.

If you want to help, we would love it.  Below is a letter from our member that brought us this charity opportunity.

Dear Knitters and Crocheters,
I’d like to introduce my self, my name is Catalina Muñoz or Cat. My family and I moved to Omaha last August, when my husband Cristián was hired by UNO to be the new director of their office of Latino and Latin American Studies (OLLAS). We have 3 kids, Emilia (12), Camila (10) and Federico (3). I’m Colombian but I lived in Chile for 8 years where I met and married my husband Cris. We then lived for 10 years in Michigan where our 3 kids were born, we then moved back to Chile for 2 years and then finally moved here last year. So when I move, I move big!
That means I know what it feels to find yourself in a place where you don’t know anyone, have no friends, and don’t know where to go to get what you need. But I’ve been very privileged, I’ve always known the language and I’ve been able to afford what I’ve needed to get by, even if student life is tight we always managed.
So when I was talking to Dr. Haynes, the principal of Harrison Elementary,  where my daughter Camila attends, it touched my heart to hear about the reality many of her classmates live. You see, this kids are refugees and they, along with their parents have lived their entire lived in refugee camps before coming to Omaha. These families are fighting to get ahead and the school is doing everything in their power to help, but they still struggle, especially in the winter since they have never experienced winter before.

I remembered a charity program my old local guild in Michigan had, where we made and donated hats and other winter garments for a school district in our area. I thought I could approach the guild here and ask if they thought we could do something similar. Happily the board agreed with my idea and we want to invite everyone who would like to make a hat for next winter for these kids, to please join us in a hat drive to help these families make a home in Omaha.

Thank you and take care.



Knots of Love

They send hats to cancer patients and other patients who have lost their hair. Make sure and check out their yarn guidelines please. And if you need some inspiration they have a lot of cute knitting and crochet patterns.  Contact them here.

YES (Youth Emergency Services)

They serve homeless and at-risk youth by providing critically-needed resources which empower them to become self-sufficient. Contact them here.

If you have suggestions for charity the guild can support, please submit your suggestion using the form below.