Important Items from the Annual Meeting of Feb. 2017

2017 Guild Charity

At our annual meeting, the guild decided that we did not want to select a charity for knitting and crocheting projects as a guild this year, but instead would just allow people to recommend charities, which we would list on our site.

If you have a charity you would like to recommend to the guild, please fill out the form on our site.

New NKCG Meetup in Lincoln!

We are very excited to announce that some new members of the NKCG are working to set up a new guild meeting in Lincoln. If you or anyone you¬†know might be interested in attending this meeting, please sign up for our newsletter and select “Lincoln” under preferred meetup. You can do this even if you are already on the mailing list – it will just update your record on the list. We’ll email those who are interested the day & location of the meeting once it has been established.

Winter Retreat 2017 Photos!

If you weren’t able to attend the 2017 Winter Retreat at Lied Lodge, photos are now available on the website. Check them out here (they were also posted on Facebook). If you have more photos you’d like to see included, just email them to the guild at

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One comment on “Important Items from the Annual Meeting of Feb. 2017
  1. Debra McDaniel Kielty says:

    I have not made it to meeting as of yet. But I am going to to change.



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