Jay Rich – 60 Years of Fiber

The Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild would like to welcome local artist, Jay Rich as our keynote speaker for the 2019 Retreat at Lied Lodge in Nebraska City, April 6th at 1pm.

Jay has worked with knitting and stitching for 60 years. In addition to his full time career, Jay has studied and worked as a freelance writer and researcher in areas of food, medicine and dye production, environmental sustainability in food and textile processes, occupational risks, water resources and safety .

Jay has been teaching classes in these areas since 2002 as well as being selected as an exhibitor in many art shows.

In Jay’s introduction he has said:

I’ve been a textile handworker since childhood and learned all the basics from family and friends.   This was atypical for a male in North Dakota in the l950’s but quieted my mind and gave me an indoor activity in harsh winters.  Knitting and stitching persisted during college years and career, largely because they were more portable and fit short bursts of available time, not unlike the burst of resurgence in handcraft now.   Knitting lead to surface design and shibori which lead to indigo and natural dyes.   My interest in experimentation and invention opened to specialty silks, unique dyes, indigenous textiles and texturing silks brought me back to weaving.  I seek simplicity and understated beauty of raw materials elevated to perfection with mastery and precision.

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