New Kitchener Stitch Video by Pom Pom Presents

Attention cuff down sock knitters!  I just viewed a new video, by Pom Pom Quarterly, demonstrating the Kitchener stitch join.  This is the method commonly used for closing the toe of a sock.  The video couples 2 steps into a single maneuver, on both the front needle and back needle. Paring  down the 4 steps into 2 helps with memory and staying on track when working this join.

It’s especially helpful to think of the front needle “knit off, purl on” mantra as a single step, followed by the next single step, “purl off, knit on” on the back needle.  Tip: Remember you learned to knit first (front needle-start with knit off)  and you learned to purl last (back needle-start with purl off)

Happy stitches!

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